【Notes to Participants】


Please note below terms and conditions for participants regarding event/ workshop. If anything unclear, please contact Erba Bettolino’s (Studio) representative for enquiry.

01. Participants shall take care of all their health condition. If feeling uncomfortable, should stay home and take a rest. It is not appropriated to attend workshop.

02. Workshop schedule is not changeable and cannot be exchanged with other people.

03. Please bring along the bank in slip and ID card for checking while attending to workshop. Relevant document should be kept until end of workshop.

04. Instructor/ Studio’s representative possesses the rights to terminate participation who is in misbehaviour, participation fee is non-refundable.

05. Pets is not allowed

06. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Studio and the building.

07. If having food allergy, please refer workshop information and related recipe in advance, participation decision is subject to own judgement. Studio will not be responsible in case of any allergic case.

08. If infectious illness has been certified by hospital, or similar/ equilivant disceases. Attend to workshop is strictly prohibited in all kinds of symptom or degrees of an illness. If conditions which is forced into appearence in Studio, please notify Studio’s representative immediately. Studio may terminate the participation. ※Infectious illness: measles, chickenpox, mumps, cold…etc.

09. Personal information of participants will only be used for workshop registration and future contact. While application has been submitted and participant would like to update or review personal information, please contact Studio’s representative.

10. If event/ workshop has been cancelled due to insufficient number of participant, participants will be notified 3 days in advance. If event/ workshop take place as scheduled, there will not have further notice.

11. Workshop is equipped with aprons that members may borrow, or you may bring your own. We recommend that you bring your own hand towel due to hygiene reasons. Please bring a takeout bag in rainy weather for bread and cake courses.

12. If you have long hair, please tie up your hair due to hygiene reasons. Please be sure to remove any accessories around your hands such as ring/watch/bracelet, etc. In addition, anyone with long nails or with manicure should wear gloves while taking lecture.

13. Coming late to lecture will cause annoyance to other members, so please attend workshop on time. Tardiness of more than 15 minutes in any case the lecture is considered as cancelled. You will not be able to attend the lecture and participation fee is non-refundable.

14. Using Original Recipe’s illustrations and designs, trademarks, logos ※Also applies to persons who have acquired the license to use for personal commercial purposes are strictly prohibited

15. Resale and transfer of the Original Recipe as well as any copyrighted items (both original and duplicates) that are available at Erba are strictly prohibited (Includes re-sale of items on the Internet, such as Internet auctions).

16. Publication of the Original Recipe that is intended for an unspecified number of people, such as distribution of the Original Recipe through the Internet, are strictly prohibited.

17. Particpants shall take care of all their personal belongings including valuables, as the Company is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, accidents and other troubles that might have caused.

18 . Taking pictures or videos of the finished products is permitted only for the member’s own personal use only; other purposes are strictly prohibited.If you want to take a photo with your friend and your friend’s work, please proceed only when you have obtained your friend’s consent. Any act that is in infringement of copyrighted rights is strictly prohibited. In addition, the act of filming the activities of the Studio through the glass from outside
without the Company’s permission shall also be prohibited at all times.

19. When there is a typhoon signal of no.8 or higher or when Black Rainstorm Signal is in place, the provisions of lecture cancellations shall be based on the following:
(1) When issued at or before 8:00 a.m.
Lectures starting from around 10:00 a.m. and ending before 2:00 p.m. shall be cancelled.
(2) When issued at 12:00 p.m.
Lectures starting from around 2:00 p.m. and ending before 6:00 p.m. shall be cancelled.
(3) When issued at 4:00 p.m.
Lectures starting from around 6:00 p.m. and ending before 10:00 p.m. shall be cancelled.
(4) When issued during lecture
All lectures that have begun shall continue.
Studio shall not contact individual members for notices regarding lecture cancellations caused by typhoon and Black Rainstorm Signal. Please
check the information from Hong Kong Observatory (http://www.hko.gov.hk/contente.htm), etc. and make judgments on your own.
In addition, in the case of inclement weather condition that is not officially announced by the Hong Kong Observatory, participation fee is non-refundable.